An event is a activity in which competitors can be registered and achieve placing and score points. Events are first created on your orgnisations page within a choosen competition type and then are able to be added to the meets for that competition type.

Creating Events

When events are created there are several options....

  • Name: What you choose to call the event.
  • Event Type: How this event opperates, which sets what type of measurements are made and how it is scored. Explained bellow.
  • In Lanes: Determines if an event occurs in lanes and completed heats. This option is often used in most but not all races.
  • As Team: Determines if competitors are grouped into a team for points allocation. For example "Relays".
  • Keeps Record Holders: Determines if records are kept and whether competitors are acknoledged for breaking a record for this event.

Event Types

  • Race: A timed event where competitors compete to be the first to finish. Races can have finals added.
  • Vertical Jump: Three attempts to clear a raised bar or competitor is eleminated.
  • Jump: Three attempts to maximise a distance jumped
  • Throw: Three attempts to throw an object the furthest
  • Points: The most points wins.
  • Simple Ranked: Ranking are assigned rather than scores or measurements. Smaller numerical order ranks win.
  • Jump Simplified: A single distance is recorded. Useful to simpify recording High Jump.

Adding Events to a meet

An event can be added on the meet homepage under the "events" tab. When you add an event, you specify which points system will be used to score the event. You can optionally specify to add all competitors to the event. All divisions present in meet will be assigned to the event, but they may be removed by going into the event by clicking and then clicking on the trash icon for the division.

You can individually assign a points system for any given division/event, manually on the division/event page under the admin tab.

Removing Events

An event will be removed from a meet if all divisions for that event are removed.

Additional Event Setup

A video tutorial has been created to explain

  • Removing events for certain divisions
  • Setting up finals for heats of laned races
  • Setting up High Jump